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  • Cut to length line for making the coil to plate
    Cut to length line is also called shearing line, uncoiling line, and cross-cutting line. It is used to decoiler, leveling, and cut steel coils into flat sheets of required length and stack them. It is suitable for processing cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel and various metal materials after surface coating.
  • Product Detail

    Machine including

    1. Hydraulic single arm de-coiler with hydraulic feeding trolley

    2. 15-axis dual-type precision leveling machine

    3. Correction device (including trench tray)

    4. Nine-roller servo sizing machine

    5. Shearing machine

    6. Electronic control system

    7. Conveyor

    8. Lifting palletizer

    9. 4000mm in front of discharge platform

    10. Hydraulic station

    11. Fan

    Overflow of the cut to length line

    cut to length line making the coil to the plate with high production capacity

    Hydraulic single arm de-coiler with hydraulic feeding trolley

    1. structure    

    The machine is a single-head cantilever hydraulic expansion and contraction unwinder, which is composed of a main shaft part and a transmission part.

    (1) The main shaft part is the core part of the machine. Its four blocks are connected to the sliding sleeve through T-shaped slanting blocks and are simultaneously sleeved on the hollow spindle. The core is connected to the sliding sleeve. The fan blocks expand and contract at the same time. When the fan block shrinks, it is beneficial to roll up, and when the fan block is opened, the steel coil is tightened to complete the unwinding.

    (2) The pressure roller is located behind the unwinder. The pressing arm is controlled by the oil cylinder to drive the cantilever to be pressed down and picked up. When feeding, the cantilever pressing roller is pressed to press the steel coil to prevent loosening and facilitate the feeding.(3) The transmission part is located outside the frame. The motor and reducer drive the main shaft of the unwinder through the gear to rotate, and it can also realize unwinding and rewinding.

    2. Technical Parameters

    (1) Steel coil width: 500mm-1500mm

    (2) Steel coil weight: 10T

    (3) Cylinder stroke: 600mm

    Motor running: 2.2kw

    15-axis dual-type precision leveling machine

    1. Leveling rollers: 15

    2. Leveling roller diameter: 120mm

    3. Leveling roller material 45 # steel

    4. Motor power: 22KW

    5. The leveling effect is according to the first grade coil, except for scrap or secondary board.

    6. Leveling roller material: 45 # steel.

    7.  After tempering, quenching and grinding, the surface hardness reaches HRC58-62, and the surface finish is Ra1.6mm.

    8. The upper row of work rolls are lifted vertically by a motor drive.

    9. Roller bearings are used for the work roll bearings, which have a high bearing capacity and a long service life.

    Main force system: One motor is driven centrally and driven by the universal joint of the reducer transmission box.



    1. It uses the 2 groups of magic eyes to control the speed buffer between decoiler and slitting machines.

    2. Magic eye is controlled by PLC.

    3. Function: it is used to eliminate the different speed and make the plates which in wrong rail to back the right way. At first, it is used the oil cylinder to lifting the supporting and transition plates to make the head pass. When working, the transition and supporting plates lift down, the steel plates will be stored in the pit.

    Correction device with Nine-roller servo sizing machine

    Correction device:

    1. Guided by vertical guide rollers. Adjust the distance between the two guide rollers manually.

    2. Minimum guide width 500mm

    Nine-roller servo sizing machine specifications

    1. Feeding rollers: 9

    2. Leveling roller diameter:120mm

    3. Fixed-length roller diameter: 160mm

    4. Roller material 45 # steel

    Servo motor: 11kw

    Pneumatic Shearing machine

    Pneumatic Shearing machine:

    It is mainly composed of left and right brackets, connecting rods, upper and lower tool holders, tables, driving motors, etc.

    (1) Maximum cutting thickness: 3mm

    (2) Shearing width: 1600mm

    (3) Motor power: 11KW

    Conveyor belt:

    Conveyor belt:

    1. Belt length :7500mm

    2. Width: 1450mm

    Motor 2.2kw (frequency control)

    Lifting palletizer

    Lifting palletizer (Note: 4000mm lifting position, source of gas)

    1. The blanking machine mainly carries out the blanking of the sheet, which is composed of a horizontally moving rack body and a vertical baffle.

    2. The horizontal moving frame is manually adjusted according to different board widths, and the vertical baffle is adjusted according to different board lengths.

    3. The stacking machine is mainly composed of stacking cylinder walking rollers and motors. Its function is to neatly stack the blanked plates.

    The main technical parameters

    (1) Height of blanking rack: 2100mm

    (2) Total length of blanking rack: 4300mm

    (3) Total width: 2300mm

    Load-bearing rack: 10000kg

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